I'm no musician, but I do play the guitar once in awhile. Yet, many of my peers have come to me and ask me the same question every time: "How to play the guitar?" But before we play the guitar, we need to have a guitar...

Step 0. Buying a guitar

The first guitar is actually very important and we should to buy a guitar that is most suitable for ourselves. How do we know what is fit for us? Basically speaking, it should have:

  • Comfortable size (not too big to carry around and strum comfortably)
  • Comfortable neck size (better for playing barre chords)
  • Comfortable fret distance (if your hands are smaller)
  • Comfortable to press (distance between string and fretboard should be parellel, low/moderate string tension)
  • Tuning accuracy
  • Quality sound production

This may seem a bit too much for a newbie, but overall comfort actually vital for a beginner. Many people I know give up early because they are playing a cheap guitar that is too difficult for them to play. So it's best to go to a music shop and test all the guitars they have with is within your budget, simply press the strings and strum it for awhile and listen if you could play the basic chords comfortably, that's the one for you. Don't be shy to ask the shop owner to let you try, they probably wouldn't mind letting you try the cheaper ranged guitars; but if they do, go somewhere else. You don't want to end up with a guitar that sounds like crap.


My first guitar was a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar and I was lucky that it was a perfect fit for me (in the beginning) as I bought it online and the shop had my strings/fretboard adjusted for me. I would highly recommend it for beginners as it is very comfortable to press, has a smaller neck, sounds good, and is cheap (3400NT$). I would personally suggest buying a branded low-priced guitar because brands like Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez etc. have better quality control.

Tell us about your first instrument on the comments below and let the world be filled with music. #PeaceOut