When I started this website, my sister asked me what does the name represent? Which would be a rather common question asked for those who are visiting for the first time. So I decided to write a post regarding the name itself.

Coming up with a name is indeed a stressful process.

Business students would probably agree that naming is part of the branding process. You just can't simply come up with something because it would be the first impression of you and your website (or your business/product). I hope that this could inspire those who are in the making process but are stuck with the naming process.

After long consideration and thinking of the main reason of this website, which is to inspire others, I wanted a name that is more relatable. That's when I thought of "LEAP".

As we all know, making a decision takes a lot of faith. There's a famous quote, "taking a leap of faith". Jumping into a pit takes a lot of courage, you just don't know how deep it is, or what's below. Life is a long journey, along the way you would face crossroads, there's no exact right or wrong way and you wouldn't know what lies ahead of you.

For most teens, going into university is probably the first big step of life. Going to a totally new environment and facing unknown challenges may be too overwhelming sometimes. For me, being in a different country, meeting new people, taking up different responsibilities etc., are sometimes really stressful. But these are the things that shaped me into the person I am today, and all this would not happen if it wasn't for the day I decided to take that leap.

So, I happily went to register a free domain name from freenom. And since "leap.tk" was taken, I registered for a free domain in "L34P.TK" (because 1337 is just friggin' cool).

This post is inspired by my closest friend, my sister.